Monday 26 September 2016

Free Psychonautic Sound File download

Listen with head phones on correct ears after downloading
I call it Acid Dream

Download Here

The debate

So the usual suspects say their guy or girl won. People love lies, People take lies anyway they can get them sloppy, romantic with rose petals, or pragmatically like at sheet with a hole in it.

Sunday 18 September 2016

Chris Hardwick: Is He Hard Enough?

I've been thinking just maybe Chris Hardwick is not hard edged enough to host Talking Dead. He's too much of a nice guy to really make the show gritty enough to talk about The Walking Dead and he certainly is not gritty and dark enough to talk about Fear The Walking Dead. I like Chris on @midnight but I just wish that Talking Dead would be more hardcore in subject matter and Chris just is does not have the personality to take it there.

Saturday 17 September 2016

Just Like a Checker Broad

So as I am still watching the season opener of Z Nation I am noticing Black and Red seem to be the theme just like a checker board.

A little gift

Here is a download link for my work Connecting With the Genius of Nikola Tesla. Its a subliminal program for those who wish to connect psychically with Telsa.

Assad and Putin

I am not ashamed to admit I side with Assad and Putin on the current breech of the ceasefire in Syria. Its as if people in U.S. are conditioned to side with "rebels" that is unless they are sporting Stars and Bars. Not that I have ever actually been into Stars and Bars at all. But I did like the song He's a Rebel. I am a sucker for 60s girl groups.

Z Nation New Season Crows and Carl's Eye Patch

Just a slight observation while half watching the season opener of Z Nation which includes a character of a feral child who was raised by crows. This is related on a level of coincidence (remember nothing is coincidental) to Carl's eye patch in The Walking Dead. Crows looking somewhat like Ravens remind me of Odin's Ravens Huginn and Muninn. Carl's eye patch reminds me of Odin's eye patch. Not that Carl reminds me of Odin but in this cannibal humor that goes back to Shakespeare and the Gospels and is spreading via the zombie meme it makes me aware on a very intuitive level that we need to protect the legend of Odin,Huginn and Muninn from the current Archonic infection that is vexing this world.
Now is the time to prepare for the decline that is already happening. Preppers claim the they are prepping for some future event or downfall. This is both silly and smart. Silly because this event is already happening albeit slowly. It is not going to be one major event that throws the world into chaos. The world is already in chaos. Rome did not all of a sudden one day fall. Rome declined which is happening now. My wife and I moved to a farm in 2005 and because of that we are able to weather this decline a bit better. Of course there are still things we are in need of to ensure out future. Some wind turbines and Tesla batteries would help if anyone feels the urger to donate them to us there are links on the page on where to send them.