Monday 23 April 2018


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Wednesday 7 March 2018

HQ money for trivia

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Thursday 8 February 2018

The Belko Experiment

Its as if Bentham and Mill had a circle jerk writing a scifi script. Bit of matrixian gnosis crept in most likely due the current culture admist this indictment or endorsement of Utilitarianism. Bit bloody if ya like that sort of thing.

The Forest

A rather good exploitation film starring Natalie Dormer as twin sisters. I call it an exploitation film as it exploits Japanese folk tales and internet legendary stories. This internet legendary story being the oftened shared Suicide Forest of Japan
Despite the overall tinge of Millennial Ebola that has infected this, and a host of other films, this piece of Japanexploitation is worth a watch.


I just watched SiREN after watching Fight Club, for the first time. Yeah the first time on fight club. I had stayed away from fight club cos it seemed liked some stupid "guy film" on the surface then I kept hearing it referenced as gnostic so I watched it.    I watched SiREN simply because recently The Higherside Chats had Chris Knowles talking about Sirens on a couple of episodes. The movie SiREN really isn't that great and only relates to what Knowles spoke about in those two episodes in a protracted way. That somehow reality is starting to focus on The Siren Archetype.   The film is a sloppy mash of Splash! Bachelor Party Lifefroce and Eyes Wide Shut. If you like cheesy sci fi with a kindergarten Lovecraftian sensibility then give it a watch.

Monday 5 February 2018


Much rather it had been a docudrama than half documentary and half docudrama. They should re-edit and make two linked shows instead of two interlinked shows as it is now.

Sunday 4 February 2018

Boycott The SuperBowl

Not because of the knee/stand thing, but because it is you know.

Property Tax

There is BS that people use to justify the theft of wealth and the penalty for property ownership called property tax. You have all heard it it. If you believe it you've been brainwashed. If you believe it and don't own property then stop using those things that you claim are a result of property taxes. End early property tax.

Saturday 3 February 2018


A part of a new liturgy. At the end a girl named Pheobe, with a closeness to her brother, rides a swing holding a copy of J.D. Salinger's Nine Stories upside down. Joe Atwill if he could watch the entire film would shoot Roman Candles out his head.

Friday 2 February 2018

Darwin (2015) Canadian Film

Is it really so different than nowadays? Just you don't realize you're in the box until you fall off a cliff playing Pokemon GO or jump lanes and have a head on collision.

Getting Rid of Your Ego

If you really are about getting rid of your ego then stop telling other people to get rid of theirs.

Thursday 25 January 2018

Beyond Non Human Communication and Icy Spiderwebs play low vol

#microtonal #ambient #roli #seaboard #UVI #semanticdanieou53

American Satan

Seems like a covert Evangelical Christian film. There has been a lot of these lately. Must have a lot of funding to get Malcom McDowell and the guy who plays Sam on Game of Thrones. Then again the story is just another take on Faust and the lead character's last name is Faust. How quaint. Enjoyable film though.

Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle

Returning The Kenoma to The Pleroma. Repairing this action we are living in that we call God.

Tuesday 23 January 2018

True Detective Season One

If these things didn't happen this series would not have been made.

True Detective Season One

If these things didn't happen this series would not have been made.

Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 1

Seems like there is a dream for everyone in this episode. Being honest with yourself when watching it will help with your spiritual growth.

Monday 1 January 2018

Working Sigils

GS Vespa

A large chest of bleached and urine stained skulls slowly turns into a box of popcorn. "Oh bloody hell!" Jimmy exclaims and reaches into his suit pocket to pull out a plastic bag of blue pills. Jimmy had had a difficult week at work and was the worst for the wear. Tonight he "had" to attend a midnight showing of Quadrophenia. Sure he had seen the film before. He had seen it more times than he could count if one included all the times he viewed it on cable. If one included all the times he viewed it on Laserdisc. In fact the only reason he bought his Lasedisc player was to have his own copy of the film. The Betamax and VHS versions weren't as good as the version on Laserdisc. Seeing the film wasn't why Jimmy had come. He had come for the spectacle, the sacrament, the fellowship. The silent chant that all of that sea of olive green in a darkened cave of a temple shouted subconsciously "We are The Mods! We are The Mods! We are The Mods!". Jimmy had begin using the nickname Jimmy after his first viewing of the film. It was not to far from his given name James, however up until becoming a "Mod" everyone had called him James. As a matter of fact even in kindergarten he corrected anyone who would call him Jimmy. That all changed after seeing this film as did his dress and his affinity for little blue pills. The latter he ordered from the back of Cream magazine. These weren't the same blue pills as the characters in the film took. The effects of these blue pill were barely a simulation of the ones in the film. They were more of a simulacrum. At least his clothes were more authentic as they were finds from thrift shops. "Mod Fashion" hiding in attics and closets from the original Mod era until some decided they wear only fit for the poor. His trips on weekends and after work to these thrift shops completed his Mod Cosplay. Years later Jimmy would tease his step-daughter for running a Cosplay website on something called The Internet. All things he would choose to forget when he opened his eyes after beneficial dreams. Another part of Jimmy's uniform was the drifting between his Mid-Western accent, an accent from the East End of London, and a Cockney accent. The Cockney accent seemed to be something many Mid-Western youths and young adults of his generation would adopt at random times. As result the rise of British Punk Rock in North America and the rise of Mod culture because of the film Quadrophenia these disease of drifting accents spread with a viral ferocity. The Cockney accent no doubt was the result of little minds being shaped by The Beatles cartoons their older siblings introduced them to. Jimmy had graduated from High School a half year early because he skipped taking Study Halls throughout allowing him to earn credits quickly. He went straight to college and unlike his stolen alter ego, his stolen daemon actually concentrated on making something of his life. Pete's words seemingly had gotten through to Jimmy. This was especially becoming clear as after he finished his studies he found himself and a very good position at a very good firm. His job is something that Jimmy can not bare to think about while attending this sacrament in film form. In spite of this Jimmy never succumbs to the temptation to tell those at his firm to shove it up their ass and never will. He keeps that inside but not because of Pete's warnings, Pete's apocalypse in this opera that has become a religion to youth and those trying to hold onto youth. If Jimmy had choose not to forget those dreams of future shadows and lights upon waking he would have realized he could have stayed home and slept instead of going to church. A church created by pop culture with meanings too cryptic for someone like Jimmy to understand. Definitely too symbolic for someone like James to understand. From the silent roar of the waves of an olive green sea screaming "We are The Mods! We are The Mods! We are The Mods!" it becomes apparent a loving kiss from Sophia on Pete's cheek was overlooked by this olive green sea because of the shininess of a GS Vespa.