Monday 24 October 2016

Cost of Living Wage Increases are not Excuses for Employers to Guilt Workers Into Working Harder

Recently Albert's minimum wage was given an cost of living increase. Some employers are using this as an excuse to guilt workers that work hard to work even harder to "earn" this increase. This was a cost of living increase because things cost more than they did in the past. Using this to guilt workers into working harder than they already do and doing more jobs than they agreed to when employment was started is abuse and workers should start reporting this to

Alberta Human Rights Commission or the equivalent in your state of province, 


PS: also to have a male employer say to a a male worker "you should hold unto your penis" is a violation of human rights.  Or calling a male worker as "pussy" as has been done over and over to one of my co-workers.

Monday 10 October 2016

Is Westworld a Revelation of The Method for Robotic Presidents/Presidential Candidates?

These memes just started popping up as HBO trundles out it's new series Westworld in which flies crawling on robots unnoticed by those same robots is a major theme. Looks like yet another revelation of the method coming through a television series.

not sure who the original creator/s of these memes were or was and are presented here for news purposes (invoking fair use laws of various countries) if you are the original creator I will be pleased to give you credit 

Sunday 9 October 2016

It's Your Karma America Own It

Both men and women created this culture that created a Donald Trump......starting from small things like every time a girl let's the guy pick up the check, and all those other things that women do to enable jerks Donald Trump ....... or with guys JR High Coaches encouraging this type of talk to motivate his boys to work harder in sports or to shame/motivate the skinny or fat kid to gain or lose weight so they can get a hot girl, its all of it. Now you have a choice between an arrogant business man and a complete psychopath who will sell herself to the highest bidder to be POTUS. This election is your karma America...... own it

Thursday 6 October 2016

New Music Free Preview Download Link

One of my latest pieces of music. I think this piece is finished but maybe not I might add some more to it. The silence at the beginning is a part of the composition, it's not a long silence, Inspiration for that aspect comes from Kenny Roberts and  Experimental Music Since 1970 's author Jennie Gottschalk, Jennie for writing about the use of silence and Kenny for discussing it with me. Since we were both reading her book at the same time. Here's the DOWNLOAD LINK All samples used are from UVI such a great music software company.

The Blue Bird 1940 YouTube YouTube

This is one tripped out movie. Give it a view and maybe I will talk about its origin at a later time on this blog. It's one of the films that affected me a lot even though until a couple of years ago I had only seen it once, on a sick day from school when I was in 4th or 5th grade. Still it affected me. So creepy trippy.

UVI Grand Piano Collection

The Steinway D Concert Grand in UVI's Grand Piano Collection is my go to Piano for most of my pieces that include piano. I love the sound of it. I also use Fazioli F278 Concert Grand in some compositions. All five of the pianos in this collection are great and UVI has put the collection at 40% off making it a real steal at only 89 US until October 10th Check it out

Tuesday 4 October 2016

Today I Channeled the Spirit of David Bowie

Today I channeled the spirit of David Bowie and he wants you all to know he messed up on the lyrics of Rebel Rebel ... Instead of "Ya got you're mother in a whirl she's not sure if you're a boy or a girl" it should be "Ya got you're mother in a whirl she's not sure exactly why you stole her pearls"