Thursday 8 February 2018


I just watched SiREN after watching Fight Club, for the first time. Yeah the first time on fight club. I had stayed away from fight club cos it seemed liked some stupid "guy film" on the surface then I kept hearing it referenced as gnostic so I watched it.    I watched SiREN simply because recently The Higherside Chats had Chris Knowles talking about Sirens on a couple of episodes. The movie SiREN really isn't that great and only relates to what Knowles spoke about in those two episodes in a protracted way. That somehow reality is starting to focus on The Siren Archetype.   The film is a sloppy mash of Splash! Bachelor Party Lifefroce and Eyes Wide Shut. If you like cheesy sci fi with a kindergarten Lovecraftian sensibility then give it a watch.

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