Thursday 17 November 2016

Blanket Ad Homenin to Ensure Self Censorship

Well the mainstream media has stooped to one of the vilest uses of a logical fallacy, I have seen in my lifetime, to keep their grip of the public. They have used the fear and anger of supporters of of Hillary Clinton to actually get many of them to call for censorship of so called "fake" media sites. A list has been circulating on the Internet that lists many websites and news sources that disagree with the liberal faction mainstream media.

This list circulating is a blanket Ad Homenin attack meant to silence all those websites and news sources that have alternative opinions to the liberal faction mainstream media. Eventually the alternative media sites on the left side of things that are trying to present an alternative view will also be vilified with such Ad Homenins which is already starting on the right side of the mainstream media.

If we go down this slippery slope to censorship outright or via people passing off truth because it is on some news source deemed fake and not covered a news source that is approved we are then living under tyranny. With all news and history it is best to vet it yourself and not rely on debunkers and self appointed harbingers of truth who ask the public to blindly believe their vetting of news or history.

Ad Homenin definition - (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

Protect yourself through knowledge of general logical fallacies.
I recommend this book to get started. 

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