Sunday 6 November 2016

Is Donald Trump The Shill Candidate That Red Pilled Himself Into Being a Real Candidate?

When Trump first announced that he was running as a Republican my first thought was that he was running as a shill to get Hillary Clinton elected. His actions in the primaries at first certainly seemed to be that of a non-serious disruption to the RNC. However, as time has went on I have noticed a change in Trump that leads me to believe that this shill candidate got Red Pilled and is now a serious candidate who really wants to protect the US and affect real change in Washington D.C.

Although having said that Trump has been Red Pilled by this election process I also think it has given him a Christ Complex in the extreme. Even so I would prefer a Trump win over a Hillary Clinton win because I did not like her actions as Secretary of State. It is possible to want one candidate to win over another even though you really don't like either. Neither of these two candidate are going to end the Fed or outlaw usury, but Trump might just stop this idiotic targeting of secular Middle East leaders like Assad and really deal with ISIS.

However my thoughts always go back to this song when it comes to politicians.

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