Monday 3 April 2023

Two Girls and Three Kangaroos

Two girls walked through the bush,
Their spirits high, their steps a rush,
They laughed and chatted all the way,
Enjoying the beauty of the day.

As they walked, they came upon
Three kangaroos, with fur so long,
The girls stopped in their tracks,
Amazed by these creatures' facts.

The kangaroos hopped around,
Graceful and strong, without a sound,
The girls watched in awe and wonder,
Their hearts filled with joy like thunder.

One kangaroo came up close,
Its eyes so gentle, like a rose,
The girls petted it with care,
Feeling grateful to be there.

The other kangaroos hopped away,
But the girls were here to stay,
They knew this moment was rare,
And they savored it without a care.

As the sun began to set,
The girls said goodbye, with some regret,
But they knew they'd remember this day,
Of two girls and three kangaroos at play.

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